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We The People... Were Rigged.

They’re ALL lying. Way More than we thought!

“I’m worried about you. A lot of people are. Are you sure you’re feeling OK? You’re really starting to concern me” I get this a lot. But I’m fine. Really, I am. Yes. I feel fine.

I’m doing well, despite being home...alone...for 10 months....alone.

This is the “new“ normal, right?

That’s what they told me to say.

Except there’s nothing normal about this. It’s time we start asking questions.... ALL of us.

Because here’s a REAL news flash. Nobody is coming to help us. Any of us.

What does “normal” even mean anymore? I see so many people pretending this is real.

But when I ask them questions

they tell me different things.

With all of our technology,

We The People should know more.

Than questions without answers,

While our “leaders“ have no cure.

Is truth still legal? It’s a question many ask. But be careful how you speak it,

Or Big Tech will block your ass.

Maybe I‘m just losing it. Can all of this be true? Are we living in America?

Or in China 🇨🇳 like the Flu? 😷

If you wonder how we got here,

That’s a story left unchanged.

It wasn’t Trump or Biden,

It’s the Media to blame.

They said Big Tech would bring us close,

When exactly did they decide,

The rights that we were born with,

Should get discarded far and wide?

There’s a cure they say, that’s here to stay.

How did it come so fast? The Right says it’s The Donald,

The Left said just don’t ask.

I look online and search for hours,

but where do I begin?

Not a person knows who’s lying,

They all tell me different things.

We represent and we know them”

Our leaders boldly claim.

Do what I say, not as I do.

There are rules made for me,

and another set for you.

It isn’t bad, I thought out loud I really can’t complain.

Joe Biden‘s here to save us

The swamp can’t stay the same? 🤦🏻‍♂️.

The time has come, long overdue

for each of us to ask.

Just how it is we got here,

And why we’re still all wearing masks! 😷

So many have deceived us,

Its impossible to say. If beliefs we hold have not been fake,

Beginning with Election Day.

It’s time we took a deeper look

There’s no time left to spare

Your children’s lives depend on it,

Don’t tell me you don’t care.

PLEASE like and SHARE if this made you think. If we can’t find common ground, we will never improve our country for every American!

- ‘76🇺🇸‘21

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