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🎥 What is Project Blue Beam? Signs of Another "Conspiracy" Playing Out in The Skies As We Speak?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

February 14, 2023

There are government conspiracies and government secrets. Let us not be naive, all governments will have necessary secrets. Information that should not be released to the general public due to national security issues.

This is most definitely true as it pertains to military operations. The quintessential need to know basis. Sometimes we the people don’t need to know especially if it will put the soldiers in a more difficult situation.

But, what if the secret is covering up a plot of a very nefarious nature? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A very interesting thing happened at the end of World War II. At this time in history, people all over the world for the first time we’re reporting seeing strange unidentified objects in the sky or UFO’s which are Unidentified Flying Objects. These objects were witnessed moving around in the sky at great speed. In 1947 the first UFO was spotted by a man named Kenneth A. Kenneth was documented stating that he saw, with his own eyes, 9 saucer-shaped objects flying at the rate of about 1700 kilometers per hour. A couple of committees were created with the intent to explain and demystify the events usually linking them to man-made error activity. Of course seeing events like this obviously sparked a lot of interest from scientists, military, government, law enforcement and the general public alike. An abundance of data concerning these UFO’s was collected at that time. This is when U.F.O’s became a public phenomenon.

The United States government and the media were definitely involved in putting out misleading information which contradicted the original stories given by eyewitnesses and therefore effectively convoluting the airways.

This didn’t sit well with Serge Monast, a Canadian from Quebec born in 1945 who was an investigative journalist, essayist, poet, and conspiracy theorist. Serge gained a lot of popularity from quest appearing on shows that deal with the phenomenon of an esoteric nature.

In 1994, he published Project Blue Beam (NASA), in which he detailed a four-step base operation set up by the US government by way of NASA with the help of the United Nations. This operation or program was to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head who will publically ridicule and denounce all of the four major religions. This will help usher in the New World Order. In his publication, Serge mentions how these entities will further fool the people by projecting a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ.

The four steps of Project Blue Beam starts with step number one where they will manufacture sophisticated top-secret weapons to cause earthquakes around the world in specific and strategic locations in order to unearth religious artifacts with the attempt to use them to disprove the religions’ effectiveness. This phase was said to have been in effect since 2012. In step two, Serge writes that they will use sophisticated technology to beam 3D holographic images of all of the prophets or heads of the four major religions: Jesus, Mohammed, Kristna and Budha. The images would be broadcast simultaneously in the sky around the world. They will then merge these images into one in order to make all people feel there God is speaking directly to them. Their sole intent is to use this tactic to usher in the antichrist and the end times.

In step three of Project Blue Beam, Serge writes that they will use invisible wave frequency technology via a telephonic platform to access people’s minds and implant thoughts in order to gain control of the mind and make people feel that they are in direct communication with their God. Step four is the final step in this project where they will use their sophisticated tech to put the thought in the individual’s minds that the rapture is coming and that they face an imminent alien invasion. Also, they will get a transmission into their minds that currently there are other planets being invaded and ravished. They will use a fake alien invasion to finalize the birth of there New World Religion, the antichrist’s arrival, and the New World Order.

Serge Monast mysteriously died in 1996 in his home from a heart attack the day after he was arrested and jailed. The authorities took custody of his children who he was having homeschooled at the time prior to his untimely death. Is there truth to this Project Blue Beam dilemma? Was Serge Monast’s untimely death a coincidence? I’m going to leave that up to you to decide. Stay safe.


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