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Do you feel a bit confused? should.

Call it both ways. The right and left are equally complicit in the collective gaslighting of the American People over the past decade-plus.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Just think about the way you sought out and deciphered the news 10 or 15 years ago. You might’ve actually gotten off the couch and purchased a newspaper, foreign as that may sound. It may seem antiquated but I bet many of you were much more invested in the process back then.

A few remain who are fortunate enough to be in a monogamous relationship with the trusted Flip-Phone. Unless you’re one of them, you’ve likely been unaware of just how much bandwidth you’ve traded in favor of gaming, streaming, blogging, vlogging, fantasy sports, gambling, shopping working or socializing using new medis. Anything but paying attention to the tragic embarrassment that has come to define the national news media in The United States of America.

As I write this, members of the House of Representatives are drafting articles of impeachment in attempt to remove President Trump from office 9 days before the end of his first term is marked by the inauguration of Joe Biden. And I know your ration at how many estimates half the country believes was fraudulently-obtained.

“This has never happened before, right?” Wrong.

In fact we have dealt with a contested Electorate a few times. Four of them, most recently 2000, presented challenges that advanced further than The President’s failed attempt. Most recently in 2000, after 37 days in multiple recounts the Supreme Court determined that George Bush had prevailed in the state of Florida and us won the electoral college. Even more interesting in 1801, 1825 and 1876, members of Congress, not the electors or the voters, cast the deciding ballots that would determine the President and Vice President. Just like now, disputes involved over allegations of Fraudulent polling activities results or controversial election policies and practices.

Ill be the first to admit I didn’t know that. If you happen to remembe Reconstruction-Era History, I congratulate you!🍾 You should go to Vegas and hit the Roulett.... oh yea 😷...🤦🏻‍♂️ Well, you can play the lottery at least.... I think.

For the rest of us, It would seem that our mainstream media long ago decided for us that context is an optional component of daily political reporting.

And why wouldn’t they.? It’s so much easier to sell a narrative when people don’t have anything to compare it to.

So how exactly does one logically debate anything without Context? Simple he or she begins by projecting some predetermined bias, ensuring the conversation will end up in a stalemate or a toxic circular argument in which neither side makes any progress. find your own truth. Who do you think should be blamed for this? if you don’t believe that you’re buying one election does that mean you think that half the country is that Luis? Or is the other half just stupid because they believe that Donald Trump one. Neither really makes any logical sense now does it?

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