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Operation Northwoods: America’s Plan To Terrorize Their Own People

October 4, 2022

By Buddy Blouin |

Every once in a while, the United States government is forced to make tough decisions to create a better world. This was not one of those times. Yes, the Cold War was a crazy time. I mean, I wouldn’t know firsthand, but I’ve heard stories. However, that doesn’t mean the U.S. can justify entertaining the idea of committing acts of terror against its own citizens. Operation Northwoods was a false flag event that never happened thanks to JFK.

What Year Was Operation Northwoods?

Operation Northwoods was proposed by the government in 1962. This was the year after President John F. Kennedy was sworn into office as Commander in Chief of the United States and the year before his assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald.

What Is Operation Northwoods?

The plan for U.S. military intervention in Cuba, codenamed Northwoods, was the idea of using terrorist attacks committed by the CIA on American citizens, blaming them on Cuba, and then inspiring a war to fight against Cuba.

The operation itself was going to do quite a number of terrible things, or at least that’s what was proposed. These included:

  • Actively committing terrorism in the United States, primarily in Florida, to harm citizens.

  • Assassinating Cuban immigrants.

  • Attacking and sinking boats with Cuban refugees at sea.

  • Hijacking planes and then shooting them down.

  • Blowing up American ships.

A False Flag Almost Done “Right”

False flags continue to be a topic of debate, particularly in chat rooms, forums, and social media platforms across the Internet. An ironic trend is that there’s been a considerable decline in trusting the government since shortly after JFK was assassinated.

This can cause a lot of misconceptions and fuel fires of conspiracy theories. While there are many conspiracies that have merit, not everything is a conspiracy, and it’s important to understand that there’s a difference.

But when it comes to false flag operations, one of the prevailing theories revolves around the idea that something didn’t happen. This is honestly just a poor way to do things, in my admittedly honest opinion. Operation Northwoods, as horrible as it was, is a great example of a false flag operation that was going to be done right.

Think about any conspiracy. It takes a lot of time and effort to commit to something that has to not only look and feel real but also remain a secret. The best way to rally people to your cause is to actually allow it to happen.

If a group of people commits an act of terrorism against Americans, we’ve already seen the results. There’s a widespread dedication to defending our country no matter what your beliefs are, who you voted for, or which major news station you get your news from.

This is why real false flags are so dangerous. Not only are they deceptive, but they harm innocent people.

Operation Northwoods Official Document Released in 2001

Adding to the overall insanity and disrespect to Americans and Cubans was the fact that the National Security Archive didn’t even release these documents until April 30, 2001. By then, the Cold War was long gone, and any sort of major backlash with it.

Operation Northwoods is yet another reminder of the dark side of history that we should always remember so we never are doomed to repeat it or even get close.


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