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The Global Currency Revaluation & QFS: The Chicken or The Egg?

April 11, 2022

A Chicken or an Egg

The RV GCR story is written daily with plot twists and new characters, with new challenges and new heroes and today is another day of just this. Today the question is what comes first, the Chicken or the Egg? Writing this saga is an incredible task because no One can make this stuff up. It’s impossible to fabricate this tale in complexity and incredible scope.

Multiple Governments are Involved

Every government involved in this list of 210 participating countries is involved in RV GCR. With the issuance of government bonds, the US is the Big Dog in that hunt. The US is not just the most prolific issuer of debt instruments, but the US Treasury was the ultimate controller in the issuance of these government bonds from all participating nation states. This “ultimate control” is what is ending with RV GCR. Ending in a good way and more importantly, bringing about lasting world peace. Lasting World Peace is something every good Father and Mother seek to leave for their children as a Legacy.

Every Mom and Dad around the world, in every country, seeks this for their children. To all the self-serving, heartless sociopaths getting in the way of this, “Your days are numbered.” This large number of murderers, and scofflaws includes not just world leaders and their cohorts, involved in crimes and treason of their People, but all of the banks being shut down for BASEL 3 noncompliance everywhere in the world.

The New Digital Backbone is Quantum!

Over the past decade of daily, wait-for-it, stressful, heightened expectations for RV GCR and NESARA/GESARA, we have seen remarkable changes taking place. With the implementation of the Quantum Financial System technology has improved to provide for the safe and secure movement of money which is now tracked for more than 50 moves. Over this decade we’ve seen various world leaders come and go with one point remaining constant, the Global Financial System was the problem. This is no longer the case. Today the evidence is publicly given that the days of the OPEC dollar’s hegemony – Fiat USD and EURO, is over. Gold and asset-backed trade is regulated for fair dealing, accomplished without onerous/corrupt oversight – without threats of payola, bribes, baksheesh, or mordida for instance, for “the Big Guy.” Every one of these participating governments has Laws to address this crime of Treason against their People. The “backdoor” control of SWIFT and other vehicles has allowed this to occur and the “System” in place protected the wicked. The new Quantum System eliminates this possibility.

Who Owns the New QFS?

This is a natural question given the suspicions created with the present world events. There is not One Owner per se. There is an Alliance of Participating Governments working in cooperation – because to participate in Global Trade, they must. The QFS North American backbone is run on the most sophisticated, the fastest in the world, IBM’s Quantum Computer. Every Quantum Computer – server, linked with this backbone is programmed with the (existing) Laws for all international trade and monetary transactions. With this System there can be no corrupt influencing, or criminal behavior. This QFS Backbone for the US is based near Phoenix, AZ.

The Blockchain Influence and RV GCR

Shortly there will be a “Protocol 19 & 20” announcement discussing the new North America Central Bank Digital Currency, with XRP. “Protocol 19” will discuss the valuation/legitimacy of digital currency, with ISO20022 Regulation. More importantly, it is also about Liquidity. When we here wonder what are we waiting for? It is this. ISO10022. Many understand the importance of the validation and delivery of qualified asset-backed currency, but to simply state the facts, this new digital currency, that is lawfully validated under ISO20022 is outside of the Rothschild/oligarchy’s control. There is no further payola to “The Big Guy” required. There is no Big Guy. Everyone is equal and that’s the very point.

Protocol 20 is the complete Transformation to QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES. Protocol 20 is well under way and being installed all around the world. Canada was the most recent nation to install this week and more nations are installed daily. This is the End Phase for testing Protocol 19 and 20 and everything is going superbly. If there are any dissenters they are being dealt with summarily. Every nation state has Agreed, and this Agreement is adjudicated by World Court. This is not up for discussion or exclusion.

Each Continent will have 1 central location with Upgraded Quantum Technology and each country will have a unique CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) used for international trade. For example USA ‘s central location is in ARIZONA South America’s central location is in Brazil. Africa’s central location is in Cape Town, South Africa. Each Continent a central location and 1 main “token” released.

This “token” will represent each country on that continent. Stellar will play a very important role in the creation and the management of “tokens” provided to each participating country and backing these CBDCs. This is the elimination of the BIS, the IMF and the UST, CABAL control over the Monetary System. This will help every Sovereign Being & their countries stay stable, avoid inflation, debt and taxes. This will be the basis of Fair Trade in stable currency (backed by “tokens”) on the Planet Earth.

Today most of the world is aware of “bitcoin” and have zero knowledge of “tokens.” In similar fashion, today most of the world is aware of “government bonds” and have zero knowledge of the existing buy/sell maneuver, monetizing and flipping these bonds which are all backed by the Global Collateral Accounts held in the World Bank. Most people haven’t a clue to this behind-the-scenes scheme which has stolen every nation’s abundance and forced onerous taxation on all. This machine which was/is managed under the control of a board comprising leaders from: the US Treasury, the European Union, the Royal Family’s, the Communist China Government; and managed by the Bank for International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund. All coordinating with the United Nations, in cooperation with the World Economic Forum… The new the buck stops here.

The world is going Quantum and these evil doers are to be held responsible for heinous acts that have harmed world populations, including every one of the nation states with inflated currencies we here, in Tier 4, presently hold. Right now there are 106+ nations that are using the QFS already.

Obviously, since the “sanctions brought against Russia” by the United States government, the BRICS and any country seeking to benefit from CHEAP OIL PRICES are rushing to utilize the new QFS… Russia, China, India, and Saudi Arabia, and all are using Ripple’s XRP. Basil 3 and 4 and the Decentralized Blockchain are how fair, lawful trade is to be made possible and viable in today’s world. Thank you, Russia for forcing this issue.

What are We the People Waiting For?

There is the Chicken before the Egg question. First come the laws that create the infrastructure to build upon. The validation of these inviolable, qualified, certifiable assets, using an incorruptible System, came first. This was no small task with every man-made-machine throwing wrenches into the mix (like the S.E.C. lawsuit on XRP). These laws encompass the actual System, and what feeds into the System, as in every single Executive Order ever implemented to end corruption and all corrupt acts, supporting the seizure of all assets owned anywhere in the world by the malefactors/law breakers, no matter what entity they hide under.

The announcement of ISO20022 and the discussion of these “tokens” held by sovereign countries is to be delivered simultaneously along with the release of RESTORATION and REDEMPTION money for every person on the planet. Disclosures to the public will show how silver backed XLM will be used as the digital asset held by the people. More than half of this is still under wraps and under the control of the Military. The plan going forward is to crash the fiat dollar. This QFS is the System that is backstopping the crash. Of not only the value of the dollar, but the stock market as well.

This is all that we are waiting for. The fake Biden Administration, under a bankrupt US Government Inc., is in receivership and must depart. Along with every corrupt government in the world, presently under terrible leadership. This is a massive “Economic Adjustment”, facilitated by the wise coordinated efforts of a Global Alliance, working in cooperation to deliver Freedom and Prosperity of One and All People. We are waiting for these “tokens” to be produced under the right Agreements and delivered to every participating nation to establish that country’s “Release” from the onerous System that has enslaved their People.

This is the Greatest Event in History and it is happening right now, in our lifetime. The timing for this Disclosure is subject to the various moves and countermoves and forced acts. All of which have been “Checkmate” for a while now. The losing side must step away from the table. This is what we are waiting on. Once this is all managed Ukraine will announce it has now reached an Agreement. This watershed moment is expected this month. An important take away from all of this is that Tier 4 will hold the assets to deliver massive humanitarian aid to all of the North American continent and reach far beyond. The Quantum Financial System will be there to help facilitate this.


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