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🎥 The Parable of Air Force One: President Trump's Hidden Message of Encouragement to Anons

February 5, 2023


Since the advent of communication, humans have used stories to create meaningful lives.

Anyone with a favorite movie or book understands the power of storytelling, and how the best stories can stick with us years after we heard them. Stories make things personal. They help us develop empathy and make others more real to us, which is why we tend to have such a deep attachment to the characters in our favorite books and movies.

Most Anons are intimately familiar with the coded language that President Donald Trump uses in his speeches, interviews and social media posts. Whether he's dropping 17's, altering statistics to insert a number that references the Q drops or simply repeating something 3 times to call attention to it, his coded communications in plain sight are something that will be studied and documented for decades to come. The intricacy behind what appears to be Trumps casual rants are fascinating to anyone that understands there is far more than meets the eye. Make no mistake, there is NOTHING that Trump does that isn't excruciatingly planned and flawlessly executed.

As someone who well understands the language of Trump, I chuckle when casual onlookers complain that he "repeats the same stories over and over again." Folks, this is also by design. There is no greater tool for information retention than simple repetition. It is said that a person needs to see or hear something 7 times before they retain it. Imagine just how large that number must be when one is attempting to overcome the decades of CIA brainwashing that has been unleashed on the American populous. I'm guessing Trump and the Psychological operators in the Patriot Military are well aware. Despite what the mainstream media says, Trump has been gaining followers every day since he came down the escalator in 2015 and his support has grown exponentially since Fake Biden "took office" in 2021. Now, more than ever, it is critical that every new viewer of a Trump interview or rally understand the accomplishments of his administration and the stark contrast with the goals and plans of the Globalists and the Left.

Just last week, at two seemingly benign events in New Hampshire and South Carolina, it was reported that over 80 million people viewed Trump's addresses. 80 MILLION people! And that was accomplished with Right Side Broadcasting and Rumble being the primary platforms for viewing, with the obvious blackouts that come from legacy media. Despite the optics from the media or your neighbors, the overwhelming majority of people want to hear what President Trump has to say. He is one of the greatest marketers in history and he well knows which stories to repeat in order to restore truth and reality to a very misguided American populous.

So don't be surprised or disappointed when you hear Trump talk about how he rebuilt the military, eliminated ISIS, closed the Border, lowered taxes, cut regulations or predicted just about everything that's happened since he "left office." There are tens of millions of people who missed the show the first time around, simply because the Mockingbird Media was running a psychological insurgency against Trump during his first term.

But what about some of the seemingly random stores that Trump often repeats over and over? There's the "Snake Poem", his tales of strong-arming Boeing at the negotiating table and one we'll look at more closely here, his tales of "nervously" sitting in the cockpit of Air Force One as the plane landed in complete darkness during a surprise visit to the troops in Baghdad. Why does Trump "wander" off script and tell these tales that seem to have little or no relevance to the topic at hand in his speeches? The answer was BRILLIANTLY summed up by one of my fellow Anons recently on Telegram:

"🛬 This isn't the first time that Trump has told the story of landing with AF1 to meet Raisin' Caine, but it wasn't until his recounting of it to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee that I grasped the message behind it. Trump is using allegory to assure Anons that The Plan is still on track, even if those with the best eyes can't always see it. Listen to it again with the understanding that Trump is playing the Anon in the story, the AF1 Captain is Trump, the crew is the military, the mechanical cockpit voice is Q, Air Force One is the United States, ISIS is the Cabal, and the whole thing is a movie. Even though it's blackout dark right now and the runway lights are obscured, rest assured that they are in fact there and we are still inbound for a perfect landing. The military has cut the head off the Cabal, we just need to wake people up enough to realize it. They're waiting on us to make the call, so let's get to work!" - @FTFoYGL on Telegram

Trump IS the Commander in Chief and the Citizen Digital Army plays a critical role in this 5th Generation Psychological War. As any good Military commander would do, Trump is reassuring his "troops" that all is well and there is good reason to be confident that victory is at hand. While he cannot legally acknowledge any of this overtly, he does it through the coded speech that has become his hallmark. In this case, through a parable.

Now, given what we have learned here, read the analysis above one more time and watch the clip below. You'll likely have a newfound appreciation for the new history that unfolds each time President Trump steps to a podium. When you know what to look for, it is absolutely mind-blowing to watch!


Trust the plan. Hold the line. The Military is in control and NOTHING Can Stop What Is Coming.




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