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🍿 The PROOF is in The Planes: Nancy Pelosi Did Not Go to Taiwan

August 5, 2022

Like many people, there's a good chance that if you're still watching mainstream news, you believe that the "QAnon Crowd" are crazy, extreme and unhinged. So, when leading Truthers like Phil Godlewski and others make statements like "Nancy Pelosi never went to Taiwan," the natural reaction is dismissive laughter. Well, allow me to join the comedy tour. Because Pelosi never left DC and I can prove it to you.

As I often say, take 5 minutes to suspend your disbelief and expand your thinking. I never ask for anyone to believe what I write. I ask for readers to finish the article, understand the figures and statistics and look at the supporting documentation and images. Ask yourself the same questions I do and see if you can explain the anomalies. Then form your own opinion born of critical thinking. Whether or not you agree with my assessment isn't the goal. Using your own discernment in a world of manipulated media lies is what's important to the future of our Country and the return of truth to society.

Let's begin with the story given to us by the Mainstream Media:

In the midst of a global supply chain crisis, military action being threatened by China threatens Taiwan, which manufactures nearly 70% of the world's semiconductors. America's industrial production is already crumbling under the lack of semiconductor availability, most notably in the Automotive industry, where some vehicles are over a year backlogged while waiting for the "chips" that operate much of the modern Automobile. It's a problem and it's most certainly not being exaggerated, even by the Fake News Media. Something needs to be done.

Naturally, it makes sense for the Speaker of The House to come to the rescue and go right to the source, right? NO - Sorry. It makes no sense whatsoever. Take five minutes and study recent history and let me know where the precedent is for the Speaker, not the President, Vice President or Secretary of State to lead such an envoy overseas. In fact, there really isn't any. The last time a sitting Speaker of the House visited Taiwan was 25 years ago.

Next, as China gets wind of the upcoming trip, they threaten to shoot down Pelosi's plane, should it enter Taiwanese airspace. No calls to the President, no diplomacy, no behind the scenes talks, just a very public threat of assassination in the press. Totally normal behavior by a foreign nation, right? Remember, this isn't Iran or North Korea we're talking about, it's China. With all their faults, and they have many, they simply don't operate that way. And as a side note, much of the press barely covered the threat and the "President" was silent on the matter. Totally normal? Not at all.

This is what the Secretary of State had to say - essentially, "good luck:"

"Though China's military did not mention Taiwan, the People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command said it would "bury incoming enemies" in a video posted online Monday showing off its weaponry and fighting tactics. "Firmly stand by and ready for the fighting command; Bury all incoming enemies," a message posted on Weibo said.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated the administration's line that it is Pelosi's decision whether she visits, adding, "we do not know what Speaker Pelosi intends to do."
"Congress is an independent, coequal branch of government," Blinken said at the United Nations on Monday afternoon. "The decision is entirely the Speaker's."

Nonetheless, on Sunday, Pelosi proceeded to fly to Singapore, with "official" statements omitting any mention of Taiwan being on the itinerary. After completing her "business" there, on Tuesday August 2nd, we were told that, despite the threats, Pelosi's plane proceeded to Taiwan and was escorted by United States Fighter Jets.

HUH? US Fighter Jets?

So, let me get this straight, China, the country with the worlds second most (some would argue it's THE most) powerful military in the world, threatens to shoot down any American diplomatic plane that enters Taiwan airspace and our solution is to not only defy that threat, but to do so with a military escort? Folks, look up the rules on foreign military aircraft entering the airspace of a foreign nation without authorization - that is an act of war.

You seriously believe this happened? You seriously believe that anyone from Pelosi herself to the Pentagon to the President would authorize an act of war to land the Speaker in Taiwan for a glorified photo op appearance? I know my answer and it's a resounding "No F*cking Way That Happens."

Now to the evidence. Beginning with the images of her arrival and departure from Taiwan:

1) As someone who personally spent over a decade flying to and from China 4-6 times a year, I immediately noticed that the plane she “used,” shown prominently in all the images and videos from the "trip" is clearly a Boeing 737. Technically a Military Boeing C-40. A modified 737. Specifically, this one was tail number 9-0540. which can clearly be seen in the images. Additionally, publicly available flight tracking data and the military's own fleet roster confirms both the aircraft that was used and the type as fact:

Why is this important?

2) The 737 is. “short haul” airplane. It has a maximum range of 3,200 nautical miles. That’s the approximately the distance from NY to LA. THIS PLANE DOES NOT FLY TRANSPACIFIC routes! It doesn’t fly to Asia. It’s wayyyyy too far! Google it. The air distance from DC to Singapore is 9,656 miles!

And before anyone says “Bbbbut they stopped in Hawaii to refuel”, sorry, but that too is not possible. It is 4,772 nautical miles from Washington DC to Hawaii. That’s 1000 miles too far. So how exactly did they get this plane the 9,656 miles from DC to Singapore and Taiwan?

3) Even if it were somehow possible to get a plane with a range of 3,200 miles the 9,656 miles to Singapore, the normal plane used by the Vice President, Secretary of State or any other dignitaries for a flight of this distance would be the Military Boeing VC-32, a modified Boeing 757. This plane is much larger and has a range of 5,500 nautical miles. THIS plane has the range and reserve fuel to travel to Asia with a stop in Hawaii. THIS is the plane that has ALWAYS been used for these trips, other than when the President is flying in his usual modified Boeing 747.

So does any of this make sense? No.

Is it even plausible? No.

Is it logistically possible. No.

So why? Like many other of these “anomalies” it’s a nod to the Patriots, and to those "Crazy" Q Anons. It's evidence, hidden in plain sight, that this even didn’t happen. It just takes a bit of research, some critical thinking and connecting a few dots to figure it all out. It's another in a long line of staged events by the White Hats within this ongoing information and psychological war. It's a piece of the story that will undoubtedly lead to a chain reaction of events that the Military needs to play out in the public eye in order to continue the exposure and dismantling of the Deep State Cabal.

Once you put all the pieces together, what you conclude is that despite the cognitive dissonance one experiences while watching these staged events on tv, there’s only one logical answer…

🍿 You ARE Watching A Move 🍿


Jeana V
Jeana V
Aug 08, 2022

Excellent argument, although I looked up the aircraft by serial number (40706) and it's says it's a 2010 Boeing C-40C Clipper (737-7BC BBJ) 42seat--

Boeing's website gives Boeing C-40C Clipper a maximum range 4,500 to 5,000 nautical with refueling couldn't it make it. Appears to have refueled in Hawaii and possibly even San Francisco/Fairfield. Still it's all kabuki theater to me.

Jeana V
Jeana V
Aug 08, 2022
Replying to

My mistake, the C-40C isn't called a Clipper, I had just copied and pasted that information from the serial number website. But I did find a recent article (military/veteran website) that does identify Pelosi's aircraft as the Boeing C-40C with 5,000 mileage range..


Monkey Werx ( responded. He said "not accurate. she didn’t fly directly from DC to Taiwan or even Singapore for that matter. She flew DC to California, California to Hawaii, Hawaii to Guam, etc. All of which is easily within range from a fuel perspective."

BTW, who is the author? And, frankly, I believe this report over Monkey Werx, since MW did not respond to the details, but just responded generally

Replying to

this is the response from Rick at Bestfreemoviefinderdotcom, 2 hours ago

@REO, since you asked, my response to this whole article is "Nope!" 1 - Praises Phil Godlewski, connected to "The Simian" and was recently attacking Gregg Phillips. I'm not a fan. 2 - This person knows nothing about the C40 aircraft, referencing the "Clipper" rather which is the C40A. I've explained these planes many times. 3 - The claim that the C40C is a short range plane is false. 4 - I've shown the A - B & C versions all over the world regularly in almost all my videos. 5 - Itinerary was DC - "Travis" to Hawaii to Guam - around Asia then Japan to Alask…

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