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Video: January 6th Was a Police Riot, Cops Admit to Attacking ‘Innocent’ Protestors

February 25, 2023

by Frankie Stockes | National File

Video footage documenting police actions around the US Capitol building during the January 6th, 2021 protests against election fraud proves that the event was a police riot, and shows officers admitting to attacks on “innocent” protestors.

A Twitter thread released this week by @InvestigateJ6 serves as a trove of information and video footage as to the truth of what happened during the January 6th demonstrations. Video footage contained in the thread documents the coordinated efforts by DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, the federal Capitol Police Department, and other law enforcement outfits to inflict maximum “pain” on January 6th demonstrators.

In bringing maximum “pain” to the American people, even the cops captured in the footage admitted at the time that they’d only incited a riot and were injuring up to 10 “innocent” people each time they hurled explosives, fired tear gas and shot “nonlethal” projectiles into the crowd.

“What led to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th?” @InvestigateJ6 asked, kicking off the “POLICE BRUTALITY evidence thread” that blows the lid off of the uni-party, corporate media narrative of the January 6th, 2021 protests on Capitol Hill.

As has been described by numerous protesters who were on the ground on January 6th, the video footage shows that the already tense mood around the Capitol took a serious turn into dangerous territory when DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, under the direct command of Black Lives Matter Mayor Muriel Bowser, arrived on the scene.

In one video segment, an MPD officer frantically demands to be given “blast munitions” to use against the crowd.

“Hey, we need more fucking munitions!” the MPD officer shouts on video. “We need blast munitions! What do we got?” he asks, only to be told that there are none available.

“God damn, we’ve got to get something!” he shouts.

At some point, those “blast munitions” became available, and police officers began hurling them indiscriminately into the crowd. In videos included in the @InvestigateJ6 Twitter thread, explosive devices can be seen lobbed into the crowd and detonating all around peaceful demonstrators, igniting chaos.

Other cops are shown firing tear gas canisters from bright orange launchers, aiming directly toward the faces of demonstrators.

Throughout the videos, officers admit that their combative actions were only angering the crowd, causing panic, and making the situation all the more volatile. In fact, demonstrators were pushed towards the Capitol Building by law enforcement, and straight into an apparent trap of death and chaos.

Watch the footage for yourself in the thread below:

In all, 4 demonstrators were killed during the January 6th demonstrations, and the federal government has moved to cover up their deaths. Ashli Babbit was fatally shot inside the Capitol Building, while Roseanne Boyland was beaten to death outside. Shockingly, despite eyewitness accounts and video evidence showing that Roseanne Boyland was beaten to death by violent cops, the DC medical examiner has claimed that she somehow died of a drug overdose, in the midst of the January 6th demonstrations.

The J6 deaths of Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips were chalked up to hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, though eyewitnesses have questioned these claims as well.


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