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Why Wasn’t it Called A “Super Spreader” Event?

Did I sleep through the end of the pandemic? Or did I miss a memo?

In a the new digital age, anything can be utilized as propaganda. Optics is everything in the context of the 24-hour news cycle.

Enter the surgical mask. Once an afterthought reserved for our doctors and Dennis we have managed to make even this a hot button issue for political debate. As if we need anything would argue about this country.

There will be many years to relitigate the details of the pandemic. Right now, the question on everyone’s mind is likely “When can we stop wearing these damn things???“

The messaging was so consistent between all the different campaigns also. They did it so fast
We can’t seem to count a binary Election but we somehow had all these great buzz words, hashtags and heads ready to go last spring

Like much what what we have been told there’s a lot here that just doesn’t make any sense. And, spoiler alert, officials on both sides of the aisle left our questions unanswered.

Such as why the media and their cohorts described Wednesday’s Capitol Hill protests Using every word but one of the recent favorites. A “super spreader event

By any measure there were hundreds of thousands In DC Wednesday standing in close quarters. Besides the packs of Trump supporters curiously posing as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter agitators virtually no one in the crowd wore a mask or practiced social distancing. Take a take a look online. You’ll find top four networks calling the Trump supporters terrorists, insurgents, treasonous, violent, angry, selfish and delusional. get no one mentioned the masks.

Why is it that with the Coronavirus simultaneously “raging” at the highest level yet, not one network thought to mention that? And yes I’m sure some of them dead, but none of you just woke up from a one year nap. You don’t need to be in either party do you understand how the major networks speak about the virus. CNN still keeps a ticker on the right side of the screen during most of their broadcasts. 352,000 people have died, we have the largest gathering in the country since the virus started and people were in screaming about the fact that no one had masks on? It doesn’t make any sense. You don’t just take a day off from the pandemic and then pick up with her tomorrow. I don’t have the answers but it doesn’t make sense. Research for yourself and find your own truth. I assure you any images that I show in these posts are real and have been traced back to at least two sources.

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More to follow later this evening....


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