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🎥 New Videos Further Point to FBI Assets Staging Capitol Protest

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Is Ray Epps an agent provocateur working for the FBI? Much points in that direction...

A flood of new research from the Alt Media community has been released in recent days, following the Revolver News revelations that dozens of FBI assets were directly implicated in the 1/6 events. The damning report shows dozens of assets charged, but never formally indicted for high level crimes on 1/6.

agent provocateur - noun:

agent pro·​vo·​ca·​teur | \ ˈä-ˌzhäⁿ-prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər , ˈā-jənt-prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər \

plural agents provocateurs\ ˈä-​ˌzhäⁿ-​prō-​ˌvä-​kə-​ˈtər , ˈā-​jən(t)s-​prō-​ \ : one employed to associate with suspected persons and by pretending sympathy with their aims to incite them to some incriminating action

Pay close attention. We see fellow asset John Sullivan of BLM/ANTIFA fame make a cameo. We also see a number of very astute Anons chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!” when Epps rings up the notion of breaching the Capitol. “Q“ had already warned them all of the impending false flag attack on 1/6.


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